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Декабрь 2019

Roundtable Debate: Writing Center Pedagogy: EU & Russian Experiences & Practices

Декабрь 4 @ 12:00 - 15:30

Building an effective writing center is difficult. “One off” institutional initiatives often bring only temporary benefits. Attempts to close every benchmark and best-practice gap also end in disappointment. A sustainable writing center is among the most powerful assets a university can build. Sustained writing centers ensure the development of faculty’s professional competency in academic writing that is required to increase scholarly publications in peer-reviewed international journals indexed in Scopus or Web of Science. To help researchers acquire ESL academic writing…

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Март 2020

Study Visits: Study Visits to Universities in Hungary, Germany, and the Netherlands

05.03.2020 @ 08:00 - 17:00

Study Visits: Study Visits to Universities in Hungary, Germany, and the Netherlands

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Апрель 2020

Webinar: Practical Challenges of Writing Centers: Comparative Analysis of the EU & Russian Experiences

06.04.2020 @ 12:00 - 15:30

Newly established academic writing centers in Russian universities have to respond to both institutional and methodological challenges. At the core of these challenges is a lack of awareness among the Russian scholarly community of academic writing as a separate branch of scientific and methodological knowledge in addition to insufficient number of specialists, inadequate training and rare publications in this field. To better understand how writing centers function and what services they can provide to develop academic writing skills, academic writing…

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Июнь 2020

Promotional Event: Jean Monnet Project “Support To Associations”

07.06.2020 @ 10:00 - 17:00

The promotional event will be organized for further dissemination of the European Union experience in the field of academic writing practices, tutoring pedagogy, and writing center theory and practice. The event will encourage real and lasting partnerships with Russian practitioners of academic writing and writing centers, which is central to active engagement of all the Association members in every stage of the SEPAW project. Based on the experience and expertise gained in the first year of the project implementation, valuable…

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