20 Ways Handwriting Is Good for You and Your Studying

With the abundance of modern technology and gadgets, some people believe that handwriting may soon become an obsolete craft.

Instead of writing information down, we have gotten in the habit of typing it or using voice input (which can then be transformed into text, thanks to neural networks and artificial intelligence). In our busy world, typing and recording are very convenient, ensuring that the notes you’ve taken will always be with you, stored on your device or in the cloud.

But many people have forgotten the benefits of handwriting. For example, moving your hand across the page acts as both motor and cognitive exercise, improving your performance in numerous ways that you might not even realize.

We’ve created a list of reasons why handwriting is good for you, and why it’s too soon to forget about it completely.

Check out the infographic below for in-depth details about the benefits of handwriting. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to write a note or two by hand afterwards.

 By Irene Fenswick

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