Official announcement from the National Writing Centres Consortium


Dear Friends,


Our 3rd International Conference, Academic Writing in a Global World: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives, was scheduled to take place in autumn 2020. This significant event is important for our society of academic writers given that, during our annual conferences, experts in scientific communication from Russia and from abroad deliver lectures, master classes, seminars, and poster presentations.


Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, we will not be able to proceed with the conference this year. Global travel restrictions are preventing us from inviting international speakers and participants; as such, we are unable to organize a program that meets with the high
quality standards you have come to expect from us.


With the current situation in mind, the General Meeting of the members of the National Writing Centres Consortium Association reached the decision to reschedule the 3rd Annual Academic Writing Conference for April 15-17, 2021.


We are happy to invite you to participate at the future conference. As usual, we promise that you will be a part of an enriching program. You will be able to attend the lectures of highly-qualified experts from all over the world, take part in interesting discussions, participate in seminars and master-classes, and partake in the extended cultural programs for all conference participants.


We will launch the official website for the conference soon, wherein you will be able to find all the up-to-date and detailed information.


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