Nuts and Bolts of Academic Writing

Dear Colleagues!


We are excited to announce our new video training course


Nuts and Bolts of Academic Writing


Made possible by a team of internationally recognized EAP/ERPP experts
who took their time during the Academic Writing Conference in October 2019 and made this video course available to all of us for free!


We were extremely lucky to bring together these top professionals, who were kind
enough to unite their knowledge and experience in one ready-made package!


Tips for Writing Papers, Robert Jensky, USA



Problems of Academic Writing, Thomas Beavitt, UK



Negotiating with Editors and Reviewers, Paul Kei Matsuda, USA



Strategy in Planning Stages of Writing a Paper, Margaret Cargill, Australia



What Do Scholars Have to Do to Get Published, Leticia Medina, USA



How to Write Academic Papers, David Wansbrough, Australia



How to Make your Papers Better, Amande Reanne Wegner, USA



Join along with these bright academic minds and treat yourself to exclusive insights on key aspects of academic writing!


Don’t hesitate to join our Association of Academic Writing Experts and become a member of the NWCC today!