How to write articles in English in order to be published in Russian scientific journals?

We highly recommend you to read the article on how to write articles in English for their publication in Russian scientific journals written by the founder of Laboratory of Scientific Translations of the Institute of Philosophy and Right of Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences Natalia Popova and by the president and co-founder of the Association of Academic Writing Experts “National Writing Centres Consortium“ Elena Bazanova.


A critical factor for the inclusion of Russian scientific journals in international citation indexes is the quality of both the English-language metadata in Russian research articles and the website materials of Russian scientific journals. Therefore, in order to develop an effective internationalization strategy, one of the first things that Russian journals need to do is to carry out an assessment of the quality of their English-language materials.

We propose a quality assessment approach based on a study of relevant scientific publications and criteria used for evaluating academic writing in international examinations. The developed approach was successfully used to carry out an evaluation of 100 Russian journals. However, since the approach currently only provides express quality analysis, further development is necessary in order to create a comprehensive framework for the detailed quality assessment of the English-language metadata and website content of Russian scientific journals.

You can read the full article by downloading the full version of the journal “Поддержка программ развития научных журналов с целью их вхождения в международные наукометрические базы данных“.