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Conference: “Academic Writing in a Global World: New Challenges & Perspectives”

The NWCC Conference is a good framework for ESL academic writing experts to work collaboratively, discuss what they observe in class or their writing centers, exchange opinions and work out solutions, present to their like-minded colleagues the efforts that they found as most effective. Visit: for more information.

II Academic Writing Conference – 2019

Academic Writing - NWCC 2019
Academic Writing – NWCC 2019

This framework is bound to promote a more systematic approach to writing center pedagogy and practice, ESAP and EAP teaching and learning, tutor training, knowledge transfer and exchange among writing centers and consider various strategies for writing that can be employed.


  •  What is the future of the National Writing Centers
    Consortium (NWCC)?
  • What additional resources are needed for sustainable
    development of writing centers?
  • What are the best solutions writing centers can give
    to academic writers?

The event will be hosted in Moscow. It will be an occasion for academicians and stakeholders to answer the key questions above. The NWCC will host the event, giving the participants space for plenary, regular sessions, and workshops.


  • raising awareness of best practices and international
    standards of writing centers;
  • providing networking opportunities for writing center
    administrators and staff;
  • creating a favorable environment for both professional
    the growth of academics and scholarly communication
    throughout Russia;
  • enhancing the further professional growth of Russian
    academic writers.


The NWCC Conference call for papers is focused on the development of academic writing at the university level and beyond, disseminating knowledge about teaching methodology for academic writing, writing program, administration and writing center pedagogy. Submissions are open to all participants on the basis of an extended abstract.

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