Call for Proposals! 2nd International Conference Academic Writing in a Global World: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives


The Association of Academic Writing Experts “National Writing Centres Consortium” (NWCC) is inviting academic writing experts, directors of writing centers, writing mentors, editors and a wide range of passionate ESAP/ EAP/ERPP teachers to participate in the 2nd International conference Academic Writing in a Global World: Current Challenges and Future Perspectives that will take place at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in Moscow on October 17-19, 2019.

Check the website: https://www.nwcc2019.ru/

Conference Leaflet

The NWCC Conference is a collaborative platform for academic writing specialists, researchers, and journal editors, where they can share best practices, exchange ideas and effective strategies for teaching/learning academic writing. We do hope that the Conference will facilitate the development of academic and research writing at the university level and beyond, disseminating knowledge about teaching methodology for writing and writing center pedagogy.

This conference aims to promote a more systematic approach to writing center pedagogy in Russia and to gain collective insights on different perspectives of collaboration.

Conference objectives

  • Raise awareness of best practices and international standards of writing centers
  • Enhance further professional growth of Russian academics
  • Create a favorable environment for scholarly communication between editors, researchers, and writing specialists
  • Provide networking opportunities for writing center administrators and staff

The Conference has three professional developments tracks this year: communication with editors and publishers, professional development for writing specialists and writing center administration, and training researchers in writing up their research in English. The topics of interest are academic and research writing, preparing research papers for publication, and research into writing centers pedagogy.


We invite participants to discuss the following questions:

  • What major difficulties do Russian writers experience while preparing their papers for publication? What kind of support do they need?
  • What research into writing center pedagogy is necessary to promote the writing center movement in Russia?
  • How can a writing center engage other stakeholders in the internationalization of education in Russia?
  • How can writing centers as change agents transform institutional attitudes to academic writing in the curricula?
  • What models of writing centers are being developed in Russia?
  • How can the Consortium empower writing center tutors and teachers of writing?

The NWCC will host the event, giving the participants space for plenaries, themed sessions, workshop/interactive presentations, panel discussions, roundtables, Q&A stations, and posters.
Speakers have to register online and submit a brief description of the topic (up to 70 words) and an abstract (up to 300 words) by September 1, 2019, which will be peer-reviewed. The selected candidates will be announced by September 15, 2019.

Selected abstracts will be published in the Journal of Academic Literacy and Research Skills (JALRS), which is an international peer-reviewed journal launched by the National Writing Centres Consortium.

Feel free to address any questions to Elena Bazanova  at e.m.bazanova@gmail.com


DR MARGARET CARGILLThis year, we are thrilled to be welcoming Dr. Margaret Cargill as our plenary speaker.


Margaret Cargill is an applied linguist specializing in the development of research communication skills for scientists who use English either as a first or an additional language. She has 25 years’ experience working intensively with international research students and their supervisors, including in the University’s internationally recognized Integrated Bridging Program (1995-2008). Her current research and teaching interests lie in developing, evaluating and delivering appropriate collaborative pedagogies to enable scientists and language specialists together to assist inexperienced authors in getting their research published in the international refereed literature.

In addition to the plenary talk, Dr. Cargill will run a 10-hour course for researchers “Writing a  Research Article for International Submission (nano-technology field). ” Attendees will participate in mini-workshop sessions to learn about structuring their paper, ways of honing their project’s focus, self-editing strategies, responding to editors’ and reviewers’ and much more. Attendees are supposed to bring a draft of their paper to work on. The course will be observed by writing instructors who will participate in a follow-up reflective methodology session.

Participation in the course requires a separate registration.