Открытый вебинар «Publishing Your First Journal Article» (28 февраля 2019)

Задумываетесь как опубликовать первую научную статью?📝
Посетите вебинар «Publishing Your First Journal Article», и разберитесь вместе с Эми Бенсон Браун наконец с этим процессом!🏁
Вебинар пройдет 28 февраля 2019 г. на английском языке.
Вы узнаете:

✒ Identify publishable arguments within your research
✒ Define the contribution of your article to the field
✒ Select appropriate journals for submission
✒ Revise your article to increase its chance of acceptance in a specific journal

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About the Presenter:
Amy Benson Brown, ACW Director of Academic Writing, is a writer and developmental editor, with over a decade of experience working directly with academic authors to help them reach their publication goals. As Director of the Author Development Program at Emory University from 2002—2012, she worked with faculty in disciplines that range from Political Science to History, Theology, Medicine, Public Health, Nursing, Music, and Law. She brings to ACW particular experience in book and book proposal development and enjoys working both with first-time academic authors and senior scholars who seek to reach broader or “cross-over” audiences. Her essays about the challenges of academic writing have appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education and The Journal of Scholarly Publishing. Her approach to developmental editing is informed by both her own background as a teacher of writing and her own continuing practice as a writer. Her publications include a book of literary criticism that grew out of her dissertation, two edited collections, academic articles, science journalism, and, most recently, a book of poetry. She’s received her BA at the University of South Carolina, an MA in English Literature from Rutgers University, and a Ph.D. in English Literature from Emory University.

(picture: https://medium.com/chronicle-books/7-must-read-articles-on-diversity-within-the-publishing-industry-2a12cd785cf3)

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